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These are Karen's top rated and premiere event spaces. These venues allow for both ceremony and reception. All secular and religious events of different faiths welcome.

Marula Manor

This royal English residence set on a 20-acre piece of land lies tucked in Karen suburb of Nairobi. Her ancient oak trees and meticulously landscaped gardens offer a combination of class and elegant in a unique natural setting. It has grown to be one of the most esteemed event places not just in Karen but in Nairobi.With an expansive garden that offers a wide variety of locations to set up or photograph it is the ideal venue for any wedding. At the heart of the large green grounds sits a majestic old rustic mansion that is perfect for your photo session as it gives you various backdrop options; from the spectacular swimming pool to the fantastic lawns and expansive parking space.

Best Event Venues in Karen

Karen Country Lodge

Perhaps one of one of the most exotic wedding locations in Karen is the Karen Country Lodge. The hotel is set in luxurious gardens tucked away in a quiet and serene environment, this magnificent event location is designed to cater for up to 500 guests with ease and comfort. Beyond the manicured lawns sits quintessential bungalow with contemporary decor complimenting the most extravagant of weddings. Their wedding packages include reception grounds, honeymoon packages, and catering. An indoor and outdoor wedding can be carried out on this venue; with indoor wedding often done at night - the lighting is just breathtaking. Karen Country Lodge is one of the best wedding venues in Nairobi. The parking is secure and extensive secure while the backup generator is highly reliable and efficient. This facility liaises with professional advisors and suppliers are available should you need more consultation while their staff appear to be highly dependable and experienced.

Best Wedding Locations in Nairobi

Lang'ata Botanical Gardens

With its tranquil location, beauty and serenity, the Lang'ata Botanical Gardens make a perfect spot for wedding grounds. There are four beautiful gardens, each surrounded by trees and flower bushes, giving each garden a sense of privacy. It is far away from the hustle and noise of the Central Business District and any major highway. It is easily accessible by public transport and has ample secure parking. The park also boasts a beautiful lagoon with step fountains and waterways that go around the park.

Lang'ata Botanical Gardens

Marist lnternational College

This college is located on Marist lane off Langata road and about 1km from Hillcrest International School. This theological college features lush green gardens and creative open spaces that sets up a unique wedding ceremony.

Marist International College