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Hospitality Package: FASHION

About Pattori

It is a manufacturing company specializing in the production of authentic hand made leather goods .Its vision is "To always create distinction" and with a mission to provide Africa - inspired goods. They provide products such as wallets , belts , leather watch straps, hand bags and more.

Core values

Pattori have 3 core values which they keep in their operations. Quality, to ensure quality work and quality material. Innovation, their production of goods in small batches keeps them in a constant state of innovation. Customers always come first. They value human ingenuity and always want to keep people working . Thats why most of their goods are handmade. 

Guiding Principle

The company is run in a manner that is consistent with biblical principles and in so doing honor the Lord, employees and customers.Psalms 128 has been their guiding principles.

If you are looking for unique African -inspired products, Pattori is the best place to visit for it has all you need in the African tradition style of fashion!