758 Essex Court Brattleboro, VT 05301

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Marula Manor is a garden venue and convention center located in Karen. It has grown to be one of the most esteemed event places in Nairobi. We are located in a serene environment which creates a perfect venue for all kinds of memorable events. Set in the leavy Karen area it offers you the exclusiveness that the perfect wedding deserves.

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With an expansive garden that offers a wide variety of locations to set up or photograph it is the ideal venue for any wedding. At the heart of the large green grounds sits a majestic old rustic mansion that is perfect for your photo session. We also have plenty of space that can be used as parking.

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At Marula Manor, we strive to meet every personalized requirement and ensure that every function held with us creates a lasting memory. This exclusive location offers a range of services which include:

Renting office space of varying sizes Conferences Team building activities Exhibitions Garden weddings Family get together Birthday parties Photo and video shoots among others